Nicolas de Ferran is an international music composer, orchestrator and arranger based in Paris, France.

Nicolas started to study the piano at the age of eight and later went on to study jazz harmony, arranging and composition at the American School of Modern Music in Paris, France. In 2012, he won a scholarship to Berklee College of Music where he studied classical composition, orchestration and film scoring.

After coming back to France, Nicolas quickly started to write music for some of the most famous French TV-documentary shows. His music has been heard by millions of TV-viewers on primetime shows such as “Des Racines et des Ailes” or “Thalassa”.

Since then, he has worked with orchestras and musicians all over the world.

Nicolas also co-created the electro-acoustic project ANKO, praised by the critic, and is the author of several standalone pieces such as his duet for Harp & Violin “Prelude to the Wind”.